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About Easy School

Education System outlines the backbone of every nation. Today technology has played a very vital role in structuring the whole education system. Exploring the technological approach to education, for better structuring the education scenario by spiraling the relations among students, staff, parents and managements.

Today’s school needs to manage more information than ever before. Without the solid internal infrastructure for teachers, administrators to share data, critical school and students information’s can be lost, or worse-communicated-incorrectly –leading to a host of problems that can affects yours school images and endurance. To remain competitive, school needs a simple solution that can run individuals functions, connect their entire operation, use the WEB as a key communication function and simplify day-to-day operational responsibilities, giving staff more times with students.

The quality of parents and teachers interaction cannot be undermined in the holistic education process that directly impacts the benefits of each child. Today education institutions and colleges have to communicate with potentials students, current students as well as Teachers, Alumni, Administrators and employees. The Messages to be communicated are as diverse as they are direct and speed is of the essence. It is in this domain the Messaging Service can serve as a potential tool for communication.

Easy School-Provides the Web based Interface that has been especially designed and developed considering the challenges face by school such as Teachers-Students-Parents community interactions. The users need not to be programmers or database experts to benefit from this system as this software is user friendly. The menu driven screens below with detailed explanations offers several options.

An Integrated School Portal

  1. Online Management of school information in one integrated, real time database which could be monitored and edited by parents online with secure credentials (Username & Password)
  2. Portal With separate login for each students/parents that will help bridging the parents and teachers and shapes and transforms the child future.
  3. Online Notice board for announcement and events.
  4. Facility for viewing class Time-Table and examination schedules.
  5. Leave application facility for Staff (Teachers)/Students.
  6. Daily Attendance & Absenteeism report shall be available online.
  7. Question Banks, Study Materials, Class notes & Assignments can be uploaded by concerned teachers and can be accessed by students and their Parents.
  8. Provision for all users (Teachers/Parents/Students) to publish online articles, etc for sharing views.
  9. Academic Planner/ Calendar can be viewed for upcoming events, etc.
  10. And much more……

The SMS Facility

  1. An effective and quick means of communication through Short Messaging Services (SMS).
  2. Transactional quality SMS for better & reliable delivery even to DND numbers.
  3. Daily absenteeism information and attendance report to parents within the first half of the day.
  4. Automated Urgent Notices/Alerts to parents/Students and teachers (Staff).
  5. Reminders for fee deposits to parents.
  6. Activities and examination schedule updates through SMS and Automated e-mail.
  7. Weekly or monthly performance performance reports to parents.
  8. Test results shall be sent to parents.
  9. And much more as per need at an affordable cost.

Helps the school to stay competitive

  1. Reflect your school’s unique character.
  2. Helps build image of a modern techno savvy institution.
  3. Run it on your Intranet or Internet.
  4. Enable internet front end for school portal.
  5. Process depending on automation not on people.
  6. Online information’s available on finger tips.
  7. Low cost of ownership and maintenance.
  8. Automated processes leading improved resource allocation & sharing.
  9. High scalability and Reliability to support your growth and needs.
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